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Domestic Violence|Child Abuse

Safety is an everyday concerns, with recent local disasters it is more important than ever that Gwinnett county has citizens that are trained and prepared in emergency response. Every day safety concerns affect us all – in the home, at work and at play. Information and resources are available so you can do your part to keep Gwinnett safe.


  • Children are specially at risk for home related injuries
  • There are currently over 2600 inmates at the Gwinnett County Jail
  • Gwinnett County has 6 police precincts and a headquarters
  • Gwinnett County Emergency Services has 28 stations and over 750 employees
  • Handle over 70,000 fire and emergency incidents a year
  • Runaways are especially vulnerable to predators
  • Consumer frauds and scams are on the rise in Gwinnett
  • More people are texting while driving!

Want to make a difference?

  • Offer to be a “Safe Place” with the Safe Place program
  • Volunteer your time with your local police and fire stations
  • Organize a neighborhood watch for your local area
  • Take a CPR course
  • Be a lifeguard at a local pool this summer
  • Volunteer for Community Watch or start a COPS program in your community.
  • Ask your fire department how you can help others learn about fire safety
  • Put on an information fair at your school on how little children
    can be safe at home
  • Help fix up a run-down playground
  • Help a Senior Citizen make their home safer by increasing accessibility.
  • Volunteer at a Teen driving course

Some organizations doing good...volunteer Today! 

Domestic Violence

Domestic/dating violence (also known as intimate partner violence) is a pattern of controlling behaviors that one partner uses to get power over the other. It includes: any kind of physical violence or threat of physical violence to get control, emotional or mental abuse, such as playing mind games, making you feel crazy, or constantly putting you down or criticizing you or sexual abuse, including making you do anything you don’t want to do, refusing to have safe sex or making you feel badly about yourself sexually


  • About 95% of all domestic violence victims are female. And the majority of male victims are assaulted by other men.
  • One third of American women and one quarter of women worldwide will experience domestic/dating violence in their lifetime.
  • Only 25% of all physical assaults perpetuated by intimate partners are reported to the police.
  • Females who are 20-24 years of age are at the greatest risk for intimate partner violence.
  • More than 1100 women a year die because of domestic violence.
  • One half of all homeless women in the country are fleeing from domestic violence.
  • Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know rather than by a stranger.
  • Domestic/Dating violence costs the US $5.8 billion annually in health related costs, with $4.1 billion for victims needing medical and mental health services.
    Want to make a difference?
  • Volunteer with the Family Violence Task Force. They work to promote effective intervention, victim safety and offender accountability. For more information for to
  • Volunteer at a abuse and neglect hotline
  • Volunteer your time at a shelter for abused women, and listen to their stories. for information on empowering youth to end domestic violence.
  • Encourage teachers to talk about dating and domestic violence in the classroom so that children know that they are not alone and have people to seek out for assistance.
  • Write an article for your school or community newspapers or website to talk about the issues.
  • Collect unused make-up, perfume and other items for a domestic violence shelter
  • Collect new sweatsuits to donate to your local domestic violence shelter for victims to wear and keep

Some organizations doing good…volunteer today!

Child Abuse

As unthinkable as child abuse may be, it is a sad reality facing Gwinnett and the rest of the world today. YOU can get involved and make a difference to a child in your community. Don’t wait, call the Gwinnett Helpline today 770-995-3339.


  • In 2005, 12.1 of every 1,000 American children, almost 900,000 in all, suffered abuse by adults, with parents of victims accounting for almost 80% of abusers.
  • Every day, about three children die in Georgia because of abuse or neglect, most of them babies or toddlers.
  • Neglect is by far the most common form of child abuse, accounting for more than 60% of all cases.
  • A third of all girls and a fifth of boys are sexually abused by an adult during childhood.
  • 8 out of 10 sexual abusers are someone in the family or someone the child knows.
  • Abused children are more likely to abuse alcohol and become addicted to drugs, and one third will later abuse their own children.
  • Of all prison inmates, 84% were abused as children.

Get involved and make a difference

  • Volunteer at a abuse and neglect hotline
  • Help with shelter organizations for victims of domestic violence
  • Visit for information on empowering youth to end domestic violence.
  • Encourage teachers to talk about dating and domestic violence in the classroom so that children know that they are not alone and have people to seek out for assistance.

Some organizations doing good…volunteer today!


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